Trauma-Informed Coaching

My coaching services are focused on inner healing and restoration–which includes healing of mind, body and soul. This type of coaching may be right for you if you’re seeking any one of the following:

Deep, Christ-centered integration after experiencing the fragmentation of trauma (betrayal trauma, domestic abuse, or any other form of wounding)

A more profound understanding of self through acknowledging how past wounds have invaded your present life, and how to heal from the past in order to move joyously into the future.

Reconnecting with your authentic self – made in God’s image and likeness – and creating a safe space within, fostering personal growth and inner peace.

Deepening your relationship with the Lord as you learn to trust in the healing and redemption He has planned for you.

Please Note

I provide coaching services for those who are in a safe place (not in physical harm) and are seeking to heal from abuse and trauma.

If there’s physical abuse present, I highly recommend local professional help from a domestic abuse shelter in your area, or other professional local resources. 

If you’re wondering about the difference between spiritual direction, therapy, and Christian life-coaching, I encourage you to read my article  ​“Q & A From Readers: What’s the Difference Between a Spiritual Director, Therapist, or Life Coach?

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