Trauma-Informed Life Coaching

Find healing from betrayal trauma, domestic abuse or difficult marital relationships through the restorative love of Christ. Integration of self, as God made you, is the goal.
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Jenny duBay Catholic Trauma Informed Coach
Trauma-Informed Coach

Jenny duBay

My trauma-informed spiritual coaching ministry helps individuals move forward, enabling them to progress from where they currently are to where they ideally envision themselves to be.

As a certified domestic abuse specialist I know what a huge emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological impact intimate partner violence has on a person. My journey in this field began with personal experience and includes the lessons and insights I’ve gained both personally and professionally as I’ve traveled the path to healing and inner reintegration.

My mission is to help others gain clarity and understanding, to reclaim their true selves –made in God’s image and likeness — and touch the hem of God’s robe.

Trauma-Informed Coaching

My Approach

Christ-Centered Perspective

Focus on the healing power of Christ’s restorative love and the pivotal role of spirituality in the journey to healing.

Specialized Knowledge and Skills

Deep expertise and specialized knowledge integrating psychological and spiritual tools for trauma-healing.  

Personal Experience

Intimate understanding of the effects of trauma and abuse, especially narcissistic abuse and betrayal trauma.

Client-Reported Benefits

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